Benefits of a caffeine-free lifestyle

Benefits of a caffeine-free lifestyle

Caffeinated tea vs. caffeine-free tea

Here’s the DL on Juroku Cha. Caffeine-free botanical teas like Juroku Cha aren’t technically brewed from the camellia sinensis plant, so they’re often called “tisanes” to distinguish them from typical teas like black and green teas. Tisanes are brewed from blends of herbs, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, seeds, spices, and other plant material. As a result, tisanes offer unique flavors and many of the same benefits as caffeinated teas but without the same side effects.

3 benefits of going caffeine-free

1.  More calm in your day

Late to your Monday meeting because you accidentally slept in? Although reaching for your morning espresso might seem like a good idea, the caffeine could actually add to your nervousness. Caffeine-free tea is a great way to start your day feeling calm and composed. Chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm tea are popular choices to de-stress in an otherwise chaotic day. Keep calm and drink caffeine-free tea!

2.  Better sleep

A few hours after your cup of joe, and you’re already feeling groggy again. Sound familiar? Although caffeine can provide a temporary boost of energy, it can leave you feeling even more tired after it wears off – the well-known “caffeine crash.” Caffeine-free teas like Juroku Cha don’t leave you drained. They’re also the preferred nightcap since caffeine affects sleep.

3.  Better mental health

It’s no secret that regular caffeine consumption can lead to caffeine cravings. The reason is that caffeine affects the brain’s chemical makeup. Thankfully, people who consume caffeine-free teas like Juroku Cha don’t have to worry about these side effects. Caffeine-free teas are a great alternative to stay refreshed and feeling good throughout your day.

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Curious about what makes caffeine-free tea ingredients so special? Keep a lookout for our upcoming post on the power of barley!