Why is Juroku Cha one of the most popular, best-selling teas in Japan?

Why is Juroku Cha one of the most popular best-selling tea in Japan

Why is Juroku Cha so popular?

Tea in modern Japanese society

To really understand the place of Juroku Cha in the hearts of Japanese people, we first have to see how deeply permeated tea culture is in Japanese society. Tea is to Japan as coffee is to the U.S.A. It’s one of those things Japanese people can’t live without. For the rest of the world, “Japanese tea” might conjure up images of the Japanese tea ceremony where lovely ladies in kimonos prepare tea in fancy cast iron kettles in a lush Zen garden. But modern people in Japan are like us in many ways. They are busy, and they require nutritional support on-the-go and a convenient way to unwind in the middle of a hectic day. It is for this reason that bottled tea adorns aisles in convenience stores and vending machines. Rather than sodas and sugary drinks, Japanese people are likely to reach for a crisp tea to keep themselves feeling refreshed and balanced throughout the day.

Why do people love Juroku Cha?

Of all the bottled drinks to choose from, Juroku Cha is one of the most popular unsweetened, caffeine-free tea beverages, and it has been a favorite amongst health-conscious individuals in Japan. Juroku Cha is a stand out due to its blend of sixteen different ingredients, each of which can be enjoyed alone as a tea. It’s kind of like the multi-vitamin of caffeine-free tea. Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients and their health benefits.

  • Jujube – A tasty fruit native to Southern Asia that promotes blood circulation. Its high antioxidant content helps boost immunity and maintain healthy skin.
  • Foxtail Millet – A grain that contains 7 times more dietary fiber than white rice. It is rich in magnesium, which helps to regulate blood pressure levels, and high in iron and calcium, which help boost immunity.
  • Barley – This grain is an excellent source of water-soluble dietary fiber, which slows the absorption of carbs and controls sudden spikes in blood glucose levels after eating.

These ingredients can be consumed alone for their health benefits, but combine sixteen healthy ingredients together, and you’ve got a powerhouse of grains and botanicals.

How is Juroku Cha enjoyed in Japan?

If you’re thinking that Juroku Cha is reserved for Tokyo “tea time,” think again. As a caffeine-free tea, Juroku Cha provides excellent hydration, and it is often sipped throughout the day in place of water. This is especially true for young adults, teens, and children, for whom Juroku Cha is a convenient way to stay hydrated on a daily basis. Even on normal days, when Juroku Cha drinkers are eating healthy, they often sip the tea in between meals just to keep the body in harmony.

Juroku Cha is for everyone

Although a sixteen-tea blend sounds exotic, and Juroku Cha is certainly popular with Japanese celebrities, it isn’t some secret health food exclusive to the rich and elite. In Japan, anyone can easily grab a bottle at grocery stores, convenience stores and even vending machines. Juroku Cha is readily available to those who want to be healthier with a small lifestyle change, and now it’s available to you in the U.S., too!

Can’t wait to try Juroku Cha? You can find it on Amazon. Eager to try Juroku Cha, but still unsure how to combine it with meals? Keep a lookout for our post on perfect food pairings.